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LED Cube #555FSK Short Kit

This is a short kit for the LED Cube Project.
It does not include the LEDs for the main LED cube assembly
It contains; PCB555, PIC16F61824 pre-programmed with LED cube firmware and components for PCB assembly.

Latest code version is 1.0.4, ledcubeC3.HEX with 28 animations effects.

This project is not suitable for beginners. You should have basic knowledge of electronics, good soldering skills and access to a multimeter.

You will need to supply a suitable 5 volt power supply and the 125 LEDs required for the main LED cube array as these are NOT included.

See project page for this kit

5x5x5 LED Cube kit 555FSK

Part				Qty
Resistor 10K  0.25w 5% CF	1
Resistor 270R 0.25W 5% CF	1
Capacitor 100nF (104)		3
Capacitor 3.3uF/16V (tantalum)	3
PIC16F688-I/P			1

BC635 (alt' BC637 or BC639)     5
LED Green 3mm		 	1	

DIP Socket 14 way		1
PCB mount 2.1mm DC Power Socket	1
32-way SIL socket strip		1

Switch 6x6mm tactile		1	

M3 x 10mm nylon post		4
M3 x 6mm pan-head screw		4
PCB555				1
The kit may be supplied with either
driver chip option shown below
depending on availability at time
of shipping.
Resistor 620R 0.6W  1% MF	2
STP16DP05MTR			2
Resistor 680R 0.6W  1% MF	2
STP16CP05MTR			2

Not included:
 Power supply
 LEDs for the main cube array
 D1, JP1, JP2 (not required to build working cube
 see main project page circuit description)

Note: functionally equivalent components may be supplied

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